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Custom eCommerce solutions

Design and development professionals offering web e-commerce solutions for businesses all across Australia. We are a Brisbane based web development company offering services to Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and the greater areas.

Custom Web Designs

We want to see our client’s making sales, so we design our sites with sales conversion always in the front of our mind. The websites we develop are tailored to suit each business and their specific products. We pay close attention to every detail and make sure the site is reflective of our client’s personal style.

What we offer

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Meet the Developer

Hi, I am Barry Love,
I am the founder and lead web developer at Custom Web Designs.

But don’t hold that against me, because I am kind of an IT guy that has gone rogue - having my own business and settling my own schedule. I really love the freedom it brings and the ability to be creative is what I enjoy the most.

I love helping my clients achieve their goals. I enjoy watching my client’s grow and this makes my business even more fulfilling.

On a more personal note, I love travelling…In fact, it’s one of my favourite things to do especially the hiking part. There is something about fresh air and the mountain views that really excites me. People who know me well would describe me as a quirky, funny guy. If you don’t find me funny, then I guess I’m just quirky. I like to bring a bit of fun wherever I am. :-)


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Starting your own business can be one of the most exciting experiences you can do in a life time. However there are also a lot of challenges to overcome especially in a constantly changing environment with technology and marketing. There are many important steps to plan out when you’re rolling out your online business here are pointers to help you get there.

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  • More potential customers

    Starting a new business, upgrading an old one. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) having a high rank on Google, Bing and Yahoo will help clients find your site and will be far more likely to visit your store than a lower ranking store.
  • Higher sales conversions

    Keeping in mind most visitors will leave a website in less than 10 seconds which is why it’s important to have an aesthetically pleasing website with eye catching sales, interactive content and enquiry buttons to engage the visitor’s attention.
  • More sales tools

    How do you make a sale? Add a Facebook chat to your website, Instagram sales channel, Point of sale (Sell in person on any device).
  • Customer logins

    Once the client creates a shopping cart and the client is logged in the list is stored and can to picked up by the client later and we can setup an auto email system to remind them about the products they selected.
  • Social Media

    Establishing a presents on social media these days is a necessity but you can also push the envelope even further with a good social media plan by getting a good following or getting shout outs from established accounts.
  • Blogging

    Blogging about your product, services or topic that your target demographic relates to is also important for improving SEO and bringing more clients to your store.
  • Analytics

    Track your website traffic and gage where all your paying customers are coming from, what time, what browser, what OS etc. This can help you figure out to best marketing strategy which can save you money and get you more paying customers.
  • Mobile friendly

    Over 50 percent of people surfing the net do so on their mobile device so a mobile friendly website is extremely important for a sales conversion. Custom Web Designs offers online stores that are very mobile friendly and built for an awesome mobile user experience
  • Safe website

    Most developers will develop your online store with a point and click template, there is nothing wrong with provided the template doesn’t break and is being update by the company that created it. At Custom Web Designs develop our own templates so there is no worry of having to pay $1000’s to fix your website.
  • User Experience

    Creating an engaging and easy to navigate website is essential to a successful sale, your customers time is important and they will not waste their time. A streamline process is very important
  • Payment options

    Payment options are also very important you want to make sure your customer has all the options available, Custom Web Designs through Shopify offers payment solutions from your normal Credit card, PayPal, After Pay to Bitcoin and much, much more!
  • Personalized custom build

    We at Custom Web Designs prize ourselves at being able to deliver custom built e-commerce websites to suit the needs of the business and its identity.

Our work

Designed and developed with Shopify Framework and custom built to meet the clients needs. Web, Tablet and Mobile responsive.

  • Custom Web Designs

    Custom Web Designs

    Designed with some smoke animations in the header and custom built hover animations to give users a more interactive feel to the website
  • Custom Web Designs

    Chemical Storm

    A Shopify online store for snowboards and skateboards, with a video in the header to make the page come to life.
  • Custom Web Designs

    Custom Web Designs

    Designed with some smoke animations in the header and custom built hover animations to give users a more interactive feel to the website

Our clients

  • custom web designs qld gov vender

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